QnA with A/One Sam Rapper

·       What is the height of A/One Sam Rapper?

 1.80 (meter) / 5 feet 10 inches.

·       What font does A/One Sam Rapper use?


·       Do you write your own songs?

Yes, I write my own songs and has my own words.

·       What is A/One Sam Rapper nickname?

Sam, Sammy, A/One.

·       Who is your brother?

I have a younger brother and his name is Rohit aka Montu Master.

·       Where is A/One Sam Rapper house?

New Delhi, India.

·       What is A/One Sam Rapper brand?

I will launch my brand soon, can’t tell the name for now.

·       Can you speak English?

Yes, I can speak English very well.

·       What is your religion?


·       How did you learn English?

     By listening to music and watching English movies with subtitles.

·       What was the first song you learned?

Criminal by Britney Spears.

·       Do you smoke or drink alcohol?

Neither I smoke nor drink.

·       When did you release your first song?

“Rap Game” on the 24th of August in 2019.

·       What is your targeted audience?

I target a worldwide audience, I don’t target a particular country, I want to spread my music Global.

·       What instrument do you like?

I love the drum because I feel the bass.

·       Who financially supports you?

My Mother

·       Do you think musical career for you?

Of course yes, I can do it myself and my audience supports me.

·       Do you have a girlfriend?

No, I am single and I love to be until I get success.

·       Are you vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

I am a Vegetarian.

·       Have you ever thought about rapping in your native language?

Yes, This year I decided to rap in my language because I have many audiences who want to listen to my songs in Hindi so by the end of the year the Hindi song will be released worldwide.

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